What is the Geo-Institute Student Leadership Council?

The Graduate Student Organization (GSO) Student Leadership Council (SLC) is a committee consisting of members from each GSO across the nation. The SLC is tasked to promote collaboration among GSOs, create new funding opportunities, keep the Geo-Institute (GI) leadership informed on student issues, and increase the effectiveness of GI student activities and competitions.

How to Participate?

Each GSO appoints a single representative in the SLC. The representative is selected by the GSO for a one year term. Terms may be renewed upon the GSO's direction. Participation in the SLC is required for good standing as a GSO recognized by the Geo-Institute.

A minimum participation level is outlined below:
 - Attendance on at least three of the four quarterly SLC conference calls
 - Involvement with at least one SLC initiative
 - Submission of an annual GSO activity report