Privacy Policy

Just to make sure the EU super police do not arrest us, here is our privacy policy:

The operators of this site do not actively collect any personal information about casual visitors. However as this site is running on Google's platform, you can expect that they are tracking as much about you as they can.

If you decided to contact us through our email form we will receive any personal information you enter, please do not type anything you do not want us (or Google) to know.

When you visit the purchase pages on this site your browser will automatically load up PayPal's shopping buttons. At this point you may also be sharing information with PayPal. If you decide to make a purchase, PayPal will certainly know more about what you're up to and we also will get some of your personal information when you submit the payment to us.

If you would like us to delete any information you have submitted to us, please let us know via the contact form. We cannot delete purchase history from PayPal - you will have to contact them about that.