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Hey, I'm posting here all the Rush Midis I made and also some good Rush files I find on the net. My Rush files are for
personal use, please don't post them on your sites without the proper credits. Mail me for any request, comment or mistakes on my files to fix them. Cheers!,

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Updated Midis:

(January 13, 2019) Updatet A Farewell to Kings. Humanized and little corrections.
January 01, 2018) Updated Circumstances by correcting and humanizing Bass and Drums. New collaboration Audio/Video.
(August 11, 2017) Updated YYZ. Humanize a lil here and there. New colaboration Audio/Video.
(January 13, 2016) Updated Superconductor. Humanize drums, bass nd guitars. Our cover Audio/Video.
(March 07, 2016) Updated Force Ten. Humanize drums and guitar. Our cover Audio/Video.
November 09, 2015) Updated The Trees. Humanize here and there. Check our cover Audio/Video.
(October 23, 2015) Updated Freewill. Dynamics and other notes here nd there. Check our cover: Audio/Video.
June 10, 2015) Updated Red Barchetta, Entre Nous, The Enemy Within and Kid Gloves for my Cover group. Check the covers here: Youtube Channel
(January 3, 2015) Driven Update a lil of everything. Audio/Video
(November 08, 2014) Prime Mover Updated tempo, drums and guitars humanize, Bass line between other things.
(June 17, 2014) Cygnus X-1 Updated tempo, drums and other little things.
(October 11, 2013) Caravan Updated bass, drums, synth, strings and other little things. Audio/Video
(May 13, 2013) The Anarchist Updated drums with some extra toms, open hat and ride velocities.
(September 27, 2012) Xanadu Bass & Drums correctios, guitars leves too. Audio/Video

All the Rush Midis I made (69):

The Garden Audio/Video

The Halo Effect 

Headlong Flight 

Carnies  Audio/Video

Seven Cities Of Gold

The Wreckers

The Anarchist Audio/Video


Workin' Them Angels
  Mp3 Version

DerBaterista's Method (A Neil PeartTribute)  Mp3 Version

Hope  Mp3 Version

Armor and Sword

The Way The Wind Blows

The Main MonkeyBusiness  Mp3 Version

Malignant Narcissism *4 Audo/Video Collab Audio/video

Working Man *3

Far Cry


Grand Designs Audio/Video

Pieces of Eight

You Bet Your Life

The Body Electric

The Enemy Within Collab Audio/Video

Digital Man

Ceiling Unlimited

Face Up

Something For Nothing




In the End


The Color of Right Mp3 - No Guitars

Dog Years


Test for Echo

Carve Away the Stone

In the Mood

Making Memories

Second Nature  Mp3 Version

Cygnus X-1 Colab Audio/Video Alternative

Jacob's Ladder

Different Strings *2

The Big Money Audio/Video

Entre Nous Audio/Video Collab Audio/Video

Kid Gloves Collab Audio/Video

Roll the Bones

Bastille Day

Cinderella Man


Force Ten  Audio/Video

Prime Mover Audio/Video

Cygnus X-1 Book II: Hemispheres

Circumstances Audio/Video Collab Audio/Video

Superconductor Collab Audio/Video


  A Farewellto Kings *1

Half the World

Distant Early Warning

A Passage to Bangkok

Red Barchetta Audio/Video Collab Audio/Video

Xanadu Audio/Video

The Spirit of Radio

YYZ Mp3 Version Collab Audio/Video


La Villa Strangiato

The Trees  Mp3 Version

Freewill   Collab Audio/Video

Broon's Bane

*1 Thanks to Ken Roberts for his help, specially at the guitar solo.
*2 Thanks to Antonio Godoy for the Piano line.
*3 Drums by me, all the rest by Blair Barbero.
*4 Written over a guitar Powertab by Richard Soto.
*5 Gutar solo 80% by Richard Soto.

Mail me for any comments or requests.

(Last update, January 13, 2019)

Other Rush Midis

This next Rush files are the best ones I found on the net. Most of them where made by professionals at the TUNE 1000 Corporation.