1. The Roots of Mathematical Structuralism, ERC Starting Grant, 03/2017-02/2022 (Project website)
  2. Mathematics: Objectivity by Representation (MathObRe)co-funded by ANR-DFG, (Section "Theoretical terms vs. mathematical terms"), Project member, 15/06/2015 -14/05/2017 
  3. The Emergence of Mathematical Structuralism: Mathematical and Philosophical Perspectives, FWF Stand Alone Project, FWF (P27718), 01/2015-02/2017
  4. Between Logicism and Metalogic: Nonfoundational Uses of Type Theory, Erwin Schrödinger fellowship, FWF (J3158-G17), 04/2011-05/2014
  5. Carnap’s Early Semantics, DOC-Grant, Austrian Academy of Sciences, 01/2008 - 12/2009