Georg Graetz

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I am an assistant professor in the Department of Economics at Uppsala University. My research focuses on technological change, wage inequality, and the economics of education.

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Training Requirements, Automation, and Job Polarization, with Andy Feng. Accepted for publication at Economic Journal; this version: November 2018 (previously titled "Rise of the Machines: The Effects of Labor-Saving Innovations on Jobs and Wages"). Online Appendix

Robots at Work, with Guy Michaels. Review of Economics and Statistics, December 2018 (lead article). Online Appendix Data Archive

A Question of Degree: The Effects of Degree Class on Labor Market Outcomes, with Andy Feng. Economics of Education Review, December 2017.

Is Modern Technology Responsible for Jobless Recoveries?, with Guy Michaels. American Economic Review: Papers & Proceedings, May 2017. Longer working paper version

Working papers

Human Capital, Signaling, and Employer Learning: What Insights Do We Gain from Regression Discontinuity Designs? Revise and resubmit (2nd round) at Canadian Journal of Economics; this version: December 2018.

Individual Consequences of Occupational Decline, with Per-Anders Edin, Tiernan Evans, Sofia Hernnäs, and Guy Michaels. This version: November 2018.

College Admission Opportunities and Educational Outcomes, with Björn Öckert and Oskar Nordström Skans. This version: May 2018.

Work in progress

Explaining Gender Gap Variation across Assessment Forms, with Arizo Karimi

Who Wants to Be a Teacher?, with Esteban Aucejo & Michael Böhm

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