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  • In His Image
    My book 'In His Image' ISBN 9780463849132 {ebook version}, and ISBN 1721267417 {paperback version} has been published on the 17 June 2018.

    Living in today’s society brings with it various challenges for everyone. These challenges partly result from the evolvement over the years of the way people think, live and interact together. Different ideologies are widely expressed and practiced in the world. Cultures from all over the world are easily found in many countries, as people move and settle in different parts of the globe. Political views and the decisions taken by politicians also play an important part in how society develops and transforms itself through time. Society is also heavily impacted by the different ideas, beliefs, faiths and religions practiced by different groups of people, by individuals who do not always aim to live in peace, with respect, with love.

    Taking a snapshot of society would produce an image revealing what people practice and believe, and especially the nature of their culture and traditions, which at times may condition their lives. Society is the result of all this. With all the good and bad intentions, the goodwill and bitterness expressed by people, society portrays an image of who the people actually are, it portrays an image of what its people are really going through, and thus, of what fabric society is made up of.

    For me as a Christian, today’s society has a very distorted image of God; an image that is blurred; it is a society that has lost its focus of who God really is, while at the same time searches for another god to connect to. It is a society confused by the different ideologies brought forward and practiced by a number of people in different ways throughout the world. These ideologies are not based on the love of God, or the values which Christians try to live and nourish in their lives. In my personal opinion these ideologies tend to exclude the genuine interest of a person in one’s neighbour, and instead encourage one to focus on oneself, where greed dominates hence minimizing the possibility of true love of neighbour from being extended throughout the nations. Today’s society lacks living in the image of God, lacks unconditional love, lacks the fresh air of true life.

    This book will mainly focus on man as being created on the image of God. It will try to explore and share my thoughts about what it means to live ‘In His image’. If people truly lived ‘In His image’, there is a big chance that society would be a better place to live in. Harmony and peace would be the norm, as it is meant to be according to God’s plan of love for mankind. People and nations would respect each other through reciprocal love.

    I hope that this book will, in a modest and humble way, bring to you the joy, the fulfilment, the happiness that is lived by a person, whenever one understands more the beauty of living in the image of God. Living ‘In His image’ is living in His grace and peace, it is bringing and transmitting the love of God to others.

    Thank you for reading this book.

    In His Image

    Hope that you find this book of interest and that it reaches its aim of helping you in your spiritual growth.

    You can download this ebook from the following links:-


    Posted 20 Jun 2018, 13:41 by George Calleja
  • 'Spiritual Reflections'

    My book 'Spiritual Reflections' ISBN 9781370553839 {ebook version}, and ISBN 1981336745 {paperback version} has been published on the 17 December 2017.

    Over the past years, ever since I started interacting on social media by sharing my faith, writing short reflections about life has been uplifting to me and to the readers. By time, since 2012, I have embarked on writing monthly reflections and posting them in various social media platforms. These reflections which reflect my Christian faith have been read by numerous persons, persons who at times have also expressed their gratitude towards my thoughts.

    This Christian book, ‘Spiritual Reflections’, gathers these monthly reflections written over the past two years. These reflections were based on my personal experience of life, on experiences of my friends and relatives; they are about different social issues, but above all these reflections were written in a way to increase the faith of those people following Christ or seeking Him in their life. The intention of these thoughts is for the reader to stop and meditate upon the reflection he picks, and to seek God through personal prayer.

    I hope that you will enjoy them, and that they will help increase your faith, your relationship with God and with your neighbour. May you find peace in these reflections and in turn, share it with your family and friends. Thank you for reading this book.

    Spiritual Reflections

    Hope that you find this book of interest and that it reaches its aim of helping you in your spiritual growth.


    Brittany Lewis



    Has reviewed the book as follows:


    George Calleja’s book, Spiritual Reflections, would be a great read for any Christian, be they young or old.

    I greatly enjoyed reading this devotional. Each one is short so they

    can be read even if you only have a few minutes, and they really do help you to

    reflect both on where you stand with certain aspects of your Christian life, as well as

     how you might be able to improve in certain areas. I will be re-reading this devotional

    with my daughter.


    You can download this ebook from the following links:-








    Posted 20 Jun 2018, 13:43 by George Calleja
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Latest Interview with George Calleja

  • Do you support the work of other Christian Authors and how? - (17 April 2017)
    Yes I do support the work of other Christian Authors. I think this is very important for all authors to support one another. Supporting one another as authors is also very impportant for our readers, as I believe in unity between authors and readers.
    In fact, I have recently took the initiative and created a Group on FaceBook to promote the work of Christian Authors. This way through this Group Christian Authors can promote their work for FREE, while readers who are interested in Christian Books can easily find a suitable Christian book for them. Also, this Group gives an opportunity for the Christian Author and reader to interact.
    Any Christian Author and readers can join this group on FaceBook for FREE at ‘Christian Books to read’ https://www.facebook.com/groups/1377798415592064/
    Posted 2 May 2017, 01:15 by George Calleja
  • Which of your books have been selling the most till now? - (30 August 2016)
    Well, all of my books have been selling well, and I am really glad for that. The book 'The Beatitudes... the blessings from the sermon on the mount' has been the best selling book of mine till now. My satisfaction is that my writings about peace, unity, love and of growing in our relationship with Jesus is received positively by whoever reads my books and that I can contribute a bit for a better world.
    Posted 2 Sep 2016, 12:41 by George Calleja
  • What are your plans for the year 2016? (3 January 2016)

    Well, the year 2016 will surely be a busy one for me. I have different projects on my mind. Firstly, in the beginning of January 2016 I will publish the book ‘My little book of daily prayer’. I have been writing this book for the past nine months or so and I hope it will be helpful for the prayer life of the reader.


    Secondly, I will be publish the 2nd editions of the books ‘Peace and unity in our lives’ volumes one and two. In these 2nd editions I will update the book cover, insert links to my published books….and will announce a special price!!!


    Thirdly, I am planning to publish another book around April 2016. The book is ‘Taste and see that the Lord is good’. This is a very spiritual book and only around a couple of paragraphs are still to be written.


    Fourthly, I have started writing another book called ‘The light’… which I hope to publish around September 2016.


    So, at the moment these are my plans for the year 2016… but I am always open to the Lords direction and guidance, as I always do according to His plans for me.

    Posted 3 Jan 2016, 13:49 by George Calleja
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  • 'THE LIGHT' .... FREE till end September 2018
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    Posted 31 May 2018, 02:50 by George Calleja
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