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Welcome to our beta collaborative wiki to support people to teach the GenderMag method.  Feel free to download any of the materials on the site for your classes.  If you have materials you'd like to contribute to this wiki, please post them on the discussion boards or email then to  (Posting and commenting permissions can be obtained by emailing the same address.)

If you have questions about the GenderMag method itself, please visit the GenderMag main website and explore the resources there.

Right now, the GenderMag-Teach team is exploring professors' and students' responses to teaching and learning GenderMag through the lens of pedagogical content knowledge (PCK).  PCK, as defined in the link, focuses on how teachers "relate their pedagogical knowledge (what they know about teaching) to their subject matter knowledge (what they know about what they teach)."  

In Fall 2017, we reached out to a few interested professors to begin gathering information to develop a body of evidence about the PCK needed for teaching an inclusive design method, using GenderMag as our lens.  Our goal was (and still is) to discover the key knowledge that can help teachers better understand how to teach inclusive methods so that the message and know-how of inclusive software can be effectively conveyed to students.  Here's an on-line Appendix with the interview questions that helped us collect data for this work. Recently, our first paper using the data was published in ACM's ICER '18 Conference.  Here's a summary of the PCK elements in that paper.

Since our start in Fall 2017, teaching GenderMag has spread.  Here is an (incomplete) list of the places where GenderMag is being or has been taught. If you're interested in getting involved, you can also join the Google group.

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Further Resources

For further information on the GenderMag method, please visit our website. Here you can read our recent publications, find more resources - such as the GenderMag forms and Persona pages - and see people involved with GenderMag.

You can also read through the kit to gain a larger understanding about GenderMag. Just fill out the form below to get a link to download the kit.

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