Welcome to the Professional Learning and Development (PL&D) website of GEMS New Millennium School. This website has been set up to support you to continually update your skills and knowledge in order to remain professionally competent.

NMS prides itself in offering a wide range of training opportunities to senior leaders, middle leaders and teachers as well as other staff members that are appropriate, varied and most importantly aimed at raising the quality of teaching and learning in school.

CPD (Continual Professional Development) at NMS includes external as well as internal PD sessions that are logged on by our staff members. Our teachers have attended a number of external PLD sessions conducted not only by GEMS but also by various other professional services including Quest Direct Professional Services, IPS group and so on.

Also, we can very proudly claim that every teacher at NMS has completed more than 20 hours of internal CPD sessions since the beginning of the academic year 2015-16.

What’s so important about Continual Professional Development (CPD)?

If improving teaching quality opens the door to raising student achievement, CPD holds the promise of acting as a key. After all, John Hattie’s synthesis of 800 meta-analyses puts CPD as a large effect size on pupil achievement of 0.62, in the top 20 of all the practices analyzed.

Instinctively, it feels as if CPD has the potential to raise the bar and close the gap in pupil attainment.