Optimist GATEway Qualifier - Georgia & E Tennessee

We are able to send a greater number of boys to THE OPTIMIST THAN EVER BEFORE!

In 2019 The GATEway District will be able to advance the following number of golfers in each age group to the Optimist Junior Golf Championship provided the golfers shoot the appropriate qualifying scores.

GIRLS: Par 72 10-12 2 players with scores of 97 or better

Par 72 13-14 2 players with scores of 93 or better

Par 72 15-18 2 players with scores of 85 or better

BOYS: Par 72 10-11 2 players with scores of 96 or better

Par 72 12-13 2 players with scores of 90 or better

Par 72 14-15 9 players with scores of 83 or better

Par 72 16-18 5 players with scores of 78 or better

The GATEway District plans again this year to pay the $730 entry fee to The Optimist at Doral Resort and Spa in Miami, Florida for all 7 of its first place winners from Georgia. GATEway District will qualify 20 golfers to Miami, Florida!

Georgia Qualifier Photos

Congratulations to our Winners and all our participants!

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More Photos of The Optimist. Check out the fun!