NHWAVE is a three-dimensional shock-capturing Non-Hydrostatic WAVE model developed by Ma et al. (2012), which solves the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations in terrain and surface-following sigma coordinates. The model predicts instantaneous surface elevation and 3D flow field, and is capable of resolving coastal wave processes (shoaling, refraction, diffraction, breaking etc.) as well as tsunami wave generation by submarine mass failure. The governing equations are discretized by a shock-capturing Godunov-type numerical scheme. A nonlinear Strong Stability-Preserving (SSP) Runge-Kutta scheme is adopted for adaptive time stepping with second-order temporal accuracy. The model is fully parallelized using Message Passing Interface (MPI) with non-blocking communication. The poisson equation is solved by the high performance preconditioner HYPRE software library (http://acts.nersc.gov/hypre/). The details of the model are referred to Ma et al. (2012)

Major Features:
  • Model solves 3D Navier-Stokes equations in surface and terrain-following sigma coordinate;
  • Godunov-type shock-capturing TVD scheme was employed;
  • Adaptive time stepping was adopted using second-order nonlinear Strong Stability-Preserving (SSP) Runge-Kutta scheme;
  • Adaptive grid refinement (AMR) technique was implemented;
  • The model is capable of simulating tsunami wave generation by submarine landslide (bottom movement);
  • A cohesive/non-cohesive sediment transport module was implemented taking into account the flow-sediment interactions;
  • A vegetation module was implemented for studying flow-vegetation interactions.
  • Gangfeng Ma (gma@odu.edu)
  • James T. Kirby (kirby@udel.edu)
  • Fengyan Shi (fyshi@udel.edu)
Getting the code:

The NHWAVE source code can be downloaded here.