Using TMH(Trainer Maker Helper)

I've made a program that will help you GREATLY with making trainers in C#! 

 This contains all code generations that you should need, download it and look around. And if you find a bug, it's VERY important that you tell me about it...Peace!

OK, so I've made this great program and you want to know how to use it, right? Well it's pretty straight forward, but if you don't understand it...READ ON!

Download it here:

After downloading, you see that it's a single .exe file and has several tabs. Go ahead and click the generate button on the first page. You'll see that the Code: textbox is no longer blank and the code is as follows:

string sProcessname=;
System.Diagnostics.Process[] myprocess = System.Diagnostics.Process.GetProcessesByName(+ sProcessname +);

Recognize it? Yep it's the code for finding if a process is active! But now input a process name into the processname textbox (no .exe after it), and press generate again. Now it regenerates the code and this time the varible sProcessName has a value, and if you were to add this to your program, it would work, just like Step 1.

That may not be nesissary but I've added it for the useful stuff!

Go to the next tab, you'll notice the name "Normal Read", what does this mean? It's Step 2, reading a process's memory! I've made it quicker...input the address and press generate...copy the code paste it into a button click method or some other method...simple right?

Normal Write is Step 3...self explanatory from here on out right?

Except for AOB writer it's how you use AOB writer.

Find the AOB and address that you want to write then:

enter the address (hex) into the address (hex) textbox

enter both AOB's in this format:

38 d8 fa 9d



They must be spaced out every two characters.

Well that's it and the help button on the program will take you here =P, so if you've got any real questions...just ask me.