Sample simulations

In order to download sample network scenarios, please download the attachments, the open them with GTNS.exe

In the first scenario node #15 is selfish of type2, and a connection has been generated from node #0 to node #6.
first in route discovery phase path 0-13-14-15-16-6 has been found, but in data exchange phase node #15 refuses to forward data packets, as a result nodr 14 detects #15 as a selfish node and tries to find a new path to destination.
As #14 doesn't have any new path to destination it sends out a rout search packet to #13 .
node #13 also doesn't have any new path to destination, so node #0 tries to use a new path.
and as you can see from green path, a new path is found.

Scenario 2:
In the second scenario nodes #2, #4 and #13 are selfish nodes.
and we have generated a traffic from 6 to 1: as you can see from this topology, after eliminating selfish nodes from the graph there is a way to destination. and ERTFT routing protocol can find a path to destination if there is one.
As you run the simulation you can see the green path is found.

If you wanted to simulate any sample network, please do not hesitate to contact

Diman Tootaghaj,
Aug 30, 2010, 10:57 AM