Gamelan Sulukala

We have a full court style Javanese Gamelan and play traditional Indonesian, contemporary American music and more!

Coming up next...June 7, 2020 ~ 4pm at the PLainfield Opera House

A Concert of mostly music composed in the 20th century for Javanese Gamelan with a 21st century composition and a few traditional ones.

Gamelan Sūlukāla, a community gamelan group, has been playing together for the past 6 years using Goddard College’s beautiful Javanese Court Gamelan instruments. Their latest project will be a performance of their own soundtrack to “The Adventures of Prince Achmed”. The film, made in Germany by Lotte Reiniger in 1926, was the first ever feature-length animated film and is based on two tales from the Arabian Nights. The cutout silhouette animation technique used by Reiniger is similar to that of Indonesian shadow plays, which are typically accompanied by gamelan, so the idea of rescoring ‘Prince Achmed’ was a natural one. The gamelan score uses traditional Indonesian and 20th century American pieces for gamelan and creates a magical feeling that greatly enhances the exquisite animation.
Here's a link to a great Seven Days article about this...

Click HERE for the Prince Achmed film with our new soundtrack

What a success! Thanks to all who attended!Stay tuned for new projects...
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HERE is audio from our performance for WGDR-Goddard Radio:

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Click HERE for the recording of the 2015 concert at the Plainfield Opera House!

Here are some video clips from our performance at the Plainfield Opera House in May, 2018:Click HERE for more...
Srepegan - Slendro(Building up layers)
Bendrong - Slendro & Pelog
Udan Mas - Slendro
Video from a Goddard College Alternative Media Conference 2013
Listen to Peter Cressy's arrangement (using both slendro and pelog) of the NPR Morning Edition Theme music!