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  • For users who have previously installed GBC, please uninstall, download and extract.

Warranty or support:

I do not offer any kind of warranty or support. Use this software at your own risk.


Please checkout the "Help wanted: Bugs" section below. Backup your gamebooks often, so you don't lose vital information.

Help wanted:

There are several topics which I can use help with. Please note that all materials you send over have to be in the Public Domain - that is completely free for usage, no GNU, GPL, LGPL or the like.

I do not oblige to giving any credits. Sorry.

Please do not send over anything which violates copyrights. If you're uncertain about it, its best NOT to send it. Send only materials which are completely free. Materials you send may or may not be used, and no credits will necessarily be given for them.

Appologies in advance, should the spam filter of my email provider filter you out.

    • Bugs: This software has not yet proved itself. This means that there are surely bugs which you may encounter. If you do, I'll be happy to hear about it. When you submit a bug report, please mention a valid email reply-to address, so I can contact you if necessary, and a fully detailed explanation of the bug, including reproducing instructions. This also means that I suggest you make backups of your gamebooks. There's no telling when you may accidentally face a situation in which your gamebook doesn't load.

    • Sample gamebook: The sample gamebook provided with this version is small and quite pathetic.... I will be more than happy to distribute sample gamebooks written with this software in future versions. Make sure that you use appropriate and non-harsh language; try and perform grammer and spell check before you send it over. Once again - please note that you should send over only materials which do not violate copyrights. Click here to send it over.

    • Icons and graphics: All icons and artwork in this software are in the Public Domain, or are declared as completely free. If you feel like you have better alternatives, you can send it over.

    • Suggestions: As I've mentioned, I have quite a few features that I'm thinking of, but currently I've decided not to develop them. Several examples are Adventure Sheet editor, helpful "wizards", support for non-FF gamebooks or additional gamebook validations tests. However, it would be nice to receive ideas for future versions. Please note that no credits will be given for such ideas which end up developed, mostly because it is likely that many of them will be submitted more than once. Click here to send over your ideas.

    • Feedback: General feedback and comments are welcome. Click here to send them.

    • Localization: Should this application be a popular one, localization might be handy, so I could use some help in this area too. Click here.

Version information:

    • Beta.

    • There are minor changes regarding the font-styling of the different paragraphs.