Galo is a language of the Tani branch of the Tibeto- Burman language family, one of the largest and most diverse language families in the world. According to Sun (1993; 2003) and Post (2007), Galo is classified as a Western Tani language, although due to extensive contact with Eastern Tani tribes, it has also many Eastern Tani characteristics. In 2008, the State Assembly of Arunachal Pradesh,India approved recognition of Galo as an Official Language with a distinct grammar and script. The State Government vide notification No. EDA 83/2007-08, dated 9th September 2009, accorded approval for introduction of Galo language as third language in Classes VI, VII, and VIII in the Schools of Galo populated areas of the State of Arunachal Pradesh. In early 2009, the International Standards Organization (ISO 639-3) also recognized the existence of Galo language, and recorded the official name of the language as “Galo”. 

The script of Galo language “`Galoo Ennam” is a form of Modified Roman Script, developed by the Galo Language Development Committee of the Galo Welfare Society after series of consultative process.  `Galoo Ennam has been developed to represent the sounds of Galo language. It is also designed to be accessible, in the sense of being found on all existing computers, typewriters, cell phones and other electronic gadgets etc.