gabriel abend


2015 to present             associate professor of sociology, new york university

2009 to 2015                 assistant professor of sociology, new york university

2008                             phd in sociology, northwestern university

2000                             licenciado in political science, universidad de la república


2014. the moral background: an inquiry into the history of business ethics. princeton university press.

- co-winner: 2016 zelizer best book award, economic sociology section, american sociological association

- co-winner: 2015 outstanding book award, altruism and morality section, american sociological association

- honorable mention: 2015 mary douglas prize for best book, culture section, american sociological association

- author-meets-critics at sase annual meeting 2016 (uc berkeley)

- author-meets-critics at american sociological association annual meeting 2017 (montreal)

- recent reviews:  social forcesamerican journal of sociologycontemporary sociologyla vie des idéesbusiness ethics quarterlyethik und gesellschafteconomic sociology newsletterunderstanding societyeuropean journal of sociologyrevista española de sociologíasociologie du travail

2004. antología del discurso político en el uruguay. (edited with g. caetano.) editorial taurus 

2000. antisemitismo en uruguay: raíces, discursos, imágenes, 1870-1940. (with c. aldrighi, m. camou, and m. feldman.) editorial trilce 


forthcoming. "what are neural correlates neural correlates of?" biosocieties [pdf]

2016. "how to tell the history of business ethics." zeitschrift für wirtschafts- und unternehmensethik 17(1):42-76 [pdf]

2013. "styles of causal thought: an empirical investigation." (with c. petre and m. sauder.) american journal of sociology 119(3):602-654 [pdf]

2013. "what the science of morality doesn't say about morality." philosophy of the social sciences 43(2):157-200 [pdf]

2013. "the origins of business ethics in american universities, 1902-1936." business ethics quarterly 23(2):171-205 [pdf]

2011. "thick concepts and the moral brain." european journal of sociology 52(1):143-172 [pdf]
- 2012. best article award, altruism and morality section, american sociological association

2010. "what's new and what's old about the new sociology of morality." handbook of the sociology of morality. ed. by hitlin and vaisey [pdf]

2008. "the meaning of 'theory'." sociological theory 26(2):173-199 [pdf]

- 2015. abridged russian translation: sociologicheskie issledovanija 11(377) [pdf]

2008. "two main problems in the sociology of morality." theory and society 37(2):87-125 [pdf]

- 2010. reprinted in: émile durkheim: justice, morality and politics. edited by r. cotterrell. ashgate

- forthcoming spanish translation: "dos problemas centrales en la sociología de la moralidad." translated by h. ruiz rivas

2006. "styles of sociological thought: sociologies, epistemologies, and the mexican and u.s. quests for truth." sociological theory 24(1):1-41 [pdf]

- 2007. spanish translation: "estilos de pensamiento sociológico." translated by g. franco. estudios sociológicos XXV(3):573-637

- 2012. spanish translation reprinted in: "hacia una nueva sociología cultural." edited by c. benzecry. editorial universitaria de quilmes

2001. "conociendo sin conocer." documento de trabajo del instituto de ciencia política

2000. "santos, la partidocracia y la secularización en el uruguay." cuadernos del claeh 83-84:29-62


reviews and review essays

2014. review essay: "transcendental sociological arguments." on solidarity in strategy, by lyn spillman. contemporary sociology 43(3):327-331

2014. review essay: "confusion in neurolaw." on minds, brains, and law, by michael pardo and dennis patterson. neuroethics & law blog

2011. review: capitalizing on crisis, by greta krippner. american journal of sociology 117(3):991-993

2010. review: living in a material world, edited by trevor pinch and richard swedberg. contemporary sociology 39(1):77-78


2017-                    max-weber-kolleg   

2016                     lichtenberg-kolleg   

2013-2014             institut d'études avancées de paris

2008-2009             max-planck-institut für gesellschaftsforschung

2006-2007             paris program in critical theory


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