Welcome to www.troop33bsa.us!  A Web site for Boy Scout Troop 33, Chartered by the Christ Community Church on Liberty Mills Rd, Ft. Wayne, Indiana. We hope you enjoy your visit to our site.

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Our Troop meetings are held on Sunday Evenings in the SACS Environmental Education Center Log Cabin.  We meet from 4:30pm-6:00pm.

The  Environmental Center is located in the Environmental Study area southwest of the Homestead Football stadium. For a Satellite view, scroll down to the map and select satellite. Click on the calendar link for the most up to date meeting and activity schedule.

For more information, please email the Scoutmaster:scoutmaster33@gmail.com. 

Upcoming Events
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Pool Party & Popcorn Kickoff!

Date – Sunday, August 11th, 4 - 6pm

Location: Mr. Wells house - 5820 Rosedale Drive
More Info:
** NOTE - TIME CHANGE we are starting at 4 pm!!**
Please bring: lawn chair, dishes and utensils, beverage, towel and dish to pass (with serving utensils). Troop will be providing hot dogs, hamburgers & condiments.Those swimming need to arrive wearing their swimsuits and will return home wearing their swimsuits. Restrooms are available. Family welcome!
We will have a brief meeting discussing information about our popcorn sale and kickoff, eat food, then the pool will be open!


Ouabache Camping Trip

Rank Advancement and Merit Badges will be worked on.  Bring your Scout book.

Date – August 17-18, 2019

Cost - $25 / person 

Location –Bluffton, Indiana 

Adult in charge – Paul James

Leave: Saturday, August 17th, 9am from Environmental Center Parking Lot 

Return:  Sunday, August 18th about noon.

– Scouts need to arrive Friday in Field uniform (Class A, tan shirt)

- Possible trip to pool on Saturday afternoon – bring your swimsuit & towel

- Pack your 10 Scout Essentials