Fukunaga Lab
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Welcome to the Fukunaga Lab.


We are in the Department of Biological Chemistry at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.


We are studying RNA biology, focusing on post-transcriptional gene regulation by RNA-binding proteins and small silencing RNAs such as miRNAs and siRNAs. We are particularly interested in elucidating the mechanism in small RNA biogenesis and finding novel RNA-binding proteins that have crucial functions in post-transcriptional gene regulation.  We use multi-disciplinary approaches including biochemistry, Drosophila genetics, tissue culture system, and high-throughput sequencing.

A postdoc position is available in our lab. Please contact Dr. Ryuya Fukunaga (fukunaga@jhmi.edu) directly if you are interested.

Last updated on 2019-04-15

Recent news

Ryuya was promoted to Associate Professor.

Ryuya presented an invited seminar at Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology.

Ryuya presented an invited seminar at Tokyo University of Science.

Ryuya presented an invited seminar at RIKEN WAKO Institute .

Ryuya presented an invited seminar at Ohio State University.

Fukunaga lab attended the Biological Chemistry Retreat @ Mt. Washington and Susan presented a poster.

Susan presented a poster at the Gordon research conference on Post-Transcriptional Gene Regulation.

Yiwei Ai, a new Biological Chemistry PhD student, started a rotation in our lab. Welcome to Fukunaga lab! 

Susan received Amgen Scholar Alumni Travel Award to attend the Gordon conference and present a poster on July 16-19. Congratulations!

Ryuya presented an invited seminar at University of Rochester.

Fukunaga lab made TEDD (Thursday Evening Dinner Discussion) presentation in the department.

Ryuya made a poster presentation at the Cold Spring Harbor Meeting on Regulatory & Non-Coding RNAs.

Ryuya's paper "Allele-specific differencesin transcriptome, miRNome,and mitochondrial function in twohypertrophic cardiomyopathy mousemodels" was published in JCI Insight. This was collaboration with Dr. Roselle Abraham at UCSF.  Congratulations!

Ryuya's paper "Loquacious-PD removes phosphate inhibition of Dicer-2 processing of hairpin RNAs into siRNAs" was published in Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications. Congratulations!

Licky and Suresh's paper "Dicer partner protein tunes the length of miRNAs using base-mismatch in the pre-miRNA stem" was published in Nucleic Acid Research. Congratulations!

Ryuya presented an invited seminar at the University of Tokyo.

Ryuya presented an invited seminar at RIKEN Yokoyama in Japan.

Ryuya presented an invited seminar at University of Virginia School of Medicine.

Susan's method paper "Kinetic Analysis of Small Silencing RNA Production by Human and Drosophila Dicer Enzymes In Vitro" was published in Methods in Molecular Biology. Congratulations!

Susan made an oral presentation in the Biological Chemistry retreat at Mt. Washington conference center.

Five-year grant support by NIH to our lab (R01GM116841) was started. Thanks for supporting our research.

Ryuya presented a faculty seminar at the Department of Biological Chemistry.

Suresh's and Licky's paper "The C-terminal dsRNA-binding domain of Drosophila Dicer-2 is crucial for efficient and high-fidelity production of siRNA and loading of siRNA to Argonaute2" was published in RNA. Congratulations!

Suresh's paper "Phosphate-binding pocket in Dicer-2 PAZ domain for high-fidelity siRNA production" was published in PNAS. Congratulations!

Our paper "Common miR-590 Variant rs6971711 Present Only in African Americans Reduces miR-590 Biogenesis", in which Suresh and Susan are co-authors, was published in PLoS One. This was collaboration with Dr. Roselle Abraham.  Congratulations!