Update on Post & Rope Project and Town's Beach Appeal

January 18, 2024

It's been a week-long snow squall up here at Sauble but John and I made it into council Tuesday morning for our delegation on the post and rope project.  We presented  the status of the project which is now complete from the Crowd Inn up to 7th St.  We couldn't have done this without the help of many volunteers from our membership and the community and donations from the same. Thank you to everyone involved, especially Pete Zuzek of Zuzek Inc. who assisted in the planning, funding and volunteering and to John Strachan who's enthusiasm for this project was contagious! Special shout-outs to Tom & Lisa of Beachside Patio Bar & Bakery and John Stafford for volunteering and financial support, and other anonymous donors for their generous financial support and to Lake Huron Coastal Centre for donating sensitive area signage. 

We are asking that the town provide labour, auger drilling and funding to continue up to Sauble Falls Rd as we continue to look for grant opportunities and donations. Staff at the town will be looking into this for a possible fall implementation, depending on permissions and funding. We will continue to consult with Saugeen First Nations on this project.

For more information:

Watch the 10 minute delegation below:

If you are interested in the new appointed councilor Paul Deacon, he is the first presenter in the 1pm special council meeting in the same link. 

Today's Sun Times article on our presentation:


Today's Sun Times article on the Town's appeal re the Beach boundary dispute:


Happy New Year!

Kathy Strachan

Friends of Sauble Beach complete first phase of post and rope project

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We also made the front page of the Wiarton Echo:


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