Dear Outdoor Enthusiast,

The Friends of Sandhill, Inc. group was founded as a 501(c) 3 nonprofit corporation in 2002. All of our activities and money raised are used to benefit Sandhill Educational/Demonstration Area and its visitors. We are an organization of interested persons from all backgrounds dedicated to furthering the interpretive, educational, and visitor service programs of Sandhill.

 Happy Trails!

 The Friends of Sandhill

Sponsor and support interpretive and environmental education activities, seminars, lectures, and other activities that contribute to the interpretive and educational programs at Sandhill.

Provide for the distribution or sale of appropriate nature related materials such as books, shirts, or pamphlets.

Use any net profits at Sandhill Wildlife Area for the furtherance of its interpretive programs, facilities, resources, and trails.

If you would like to join the Friends of Sandhill, Inc., ask for a membership application today!