The current Committee are shown below, you will often see them walking around the woods so if you see them, say hello. Fran and Dave can be contacted by using the friends email address - the one email goes to all of us.

Fran Dansie - Chair

Fran is frequently seen with her dog walking in the woods.

Dave Curno - Treasurer

When not sailing, Dave can be found walking his mother's dog around the woods. Interests include sailing and photography. Likes bats, birds, ladybirds and trees. Dislikes Himalyan Balsalm - a lot. Dave also does this web site and can be contacted on 07966174277.

Ray Baggott - Committee Member

Ian Brewster - Committee Member

Mark Ovenden - Committee Member

Ray Tuohy - Committee Member

Tina Tuohy - Committee Member

Kate Wing - Secretary

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