Our Vision

Our Vision

The following outlines the Vision, Aims and objectives established by Friends of Allerton Grange Fields and Leeds City Council and informed by public consultations in 2010 and 2014.

Our Vision

By 2025…Allerton Grange Fields is a green, pleasant and welcoming place for all.

Providing a wonderful rich in wildlife setting for the grade II listed Moor Allerton Hall (The White House). The fields provide opportunities for active healthy living with a range of recreational opportunities for people of all age groups and background including ball games in the lush green fields, walking, jogging, cycling, natural play areas within a safe and secure environment that is well maintained by Leeds City Council and its partners, including the Friends of Allerton Grange Fields for present and future generations.

Our Aims

1. To create a clean, safe and secure environment for all, including users of the field, local residents, the schools and businesses in the area through greater opportunities for natural surveillance, access control, liaison with Local Neighbourhood Policing Team and Leeds City Council.

2. To have opportunities for informal sports and recreational activities for people of all ages by the creation of large grassed areas for seasonally marketed athletics track and field sports, including 5 a side/junior/mini football kick about areas, natural play areas and adult green gym, childrens activity trail.

3. To encourage healthy living and eating by cultivating Raspberry, Strawberry, Blackberry and Blueberry bushes and Apple, Pear and Plum Trees along the perimeter of the field so as to encourage local residents to ‘pick your own’ fruit.

4. To create an environment that supports a diverse range of wildlife through the protection and enhancement of grass lands, tree belts and hedgerows and creations of scrubland habitats.