FHF Hall of Fame

Through the years, our events have sponsored and assisted many families.  Below are some of the individuals who inspired us, and showed us the power of strength, love, and of course, FRIENDSHIP

Carl inspired us to create this event.  A friend for eternity, Carl demonstrated the strength to attend our event for 4 years during his battle.  He participated in the golf event when he could, and smiled all the way.  We lost Carl last year, but know he's at a front table for our event cheering us on.

Lisa was also the inspiration for our inaugural event.  Throughout her battle, Lisa demonstrated strength to her loving husband and children.  Her sense of humor carried her through.  While Lisa is no longer with us, we continue to remember the impact she had on all of us.

"Higs" was an uncle to one of our founders, friends to all involved.  Always the life of the party, he raised the bar on how to battle through the tough times.  He is an inspiration and the epitome of the term "never give up".  "Higs" left a lasting impression while instilling life lessons and values in all of us.