Terms and Conditions

Last Updated 22/09/2015 Deposit Details: A non refundable deposit of $50 is required to confirm this reservation. The remainder of the Total Hire Fee may also be paid now or otherwise required in full on delivery. 
Please deposit the minimum of $50 into the following account using your Surname and Vehicle Registration number plate as the description. Bank: BankWest Account Name: Peter Sinclair BSB No.: 302975 Account No.: 0142546 Terms and Conditions =================
You, the Hirer, acknowledges that the hire of any equipment from Fridge4Hire [Peter Sinclair T/A(Sole Trader )] is subject to the following hire conditions and that by accepting the Calendar invitation or by paying the non refundable deposit, you are automatically agreeing to the Hire Contract in which both parties are bound by these conditions: 1. All equipment supplied by Fridge4Hire [Peter Sinclair T/A(Sole Trader )] remains the property of Fridge4Hire [Peter Sinclair T/A(Sole Trader )].
2. Bookings are not confirmed until paid for in full however a deposit will ensure that your fridge will be ready for you upon your arrival. Outstanding amounts may be paid beforehand via direct deposit stating your Surname and Vehicle Registration in the payment description. Otherwise all outstanding amounts are due on delivery in cash only.

3. The fee is $20 per fridge per night, regardless of size or location. Partial days or any extra hours rolling into an extra day are considered a full day and the full daily rate will apply.
Delivery and Pick up fees are then added accordingly and vary depending on the location. Minimum Delivery/Pickup Fee is $20. Different rates and fees apply for different areas and a detailed listing is available at: http://sites.google.com/site/fridge4hire/rates-locations

4. Fridge4Hire [Peter Sinclair T/A(Sole Trader)] reserves the right to change the hire and delivery rates without notice.
5. No refunds will be given for early return of equipment.
6. Fridge4Hire [Peter Sinclair T/A(Sole Trader )] will test all equipment before the commencement of hire. However due to the nature of the equipment, malfunctions may occur in transit or during the hire period. No responsibility will be taken for any losses or inconveniences due to this fact. This includes but not limited to any loss of perishable foods, foodstuffs, fluids and liquids, medicines and all other related expenses.

7. Where the Hirer requests an extension of the hire period, Fridge4Hire [Peter Sinclair T/A(Sole Trader )] will endeavour to assist subject to stock availability.
8. All hired equipment must be returned in reasonably clean and good working order, having been used only for its intended purpose. If the hired equipment is not returned in a clean and working order, Fridge4Hire [Peter Sinclair T/A(Sole Trader )] is entitled to recover their reasonable cleaning and repair expenses.

9. The Hirer is not to move or remove the equipment from the delivery site or location supplied by Fridge4Hire [Peter Sinclair T/A(Sole Trader )].
10. Fridge4Hire [Peter Sinclair T/A(Sole Trader )] provides no warranty of the equipment hired or its suitability for any particular purpose.
11. The Hirer accepts full responsibility for all equipment hired. Fridge4Hire [Peter Sinclair T/A(Sole Trader )] reserves the right to charge a 50% Security Bond on all equipment hired. The Bond covers the loss, theft, damage (other than normal wear) or cleaning costs if required of the hired equipment. The Bond will be returned to the Hirer within 3 days upon Fridge4Hire's [Peter Sinclair T/A(Sole Trader )] satisfaction that the equipment has been returned in clean condition and in working order. If the repair or replacement cost exceeds the bond money, the Hirer will pay by direct deposit the balance owing within 14 days. Should the recovery of outstanding monies be warranted, the inclusion of all costs incurred to recover said money including, but not limited to interest accrued, loss of profits due to failure to return the equipment, court costs, legal fees, etc. will be paid at the expense of the Hirer.
12. Any booking cancellations must be made at least 72 hours prior to the delivery or prior to the anticipated commencement of hire. Fridge4Hire [Peter Sinclair T/A(Sole Trader )] reserves the right to keep the non refundable deposit of $50.00 and any other prior amounts paid.
13. Fridge4Hire [Peter Sinclair T/A(Sole Trader )] does not accept any responsibility or liability for any injury, damage or loss caused to any person or persons or property belonging to the Hirer or any third party arising from the use of the hired equipment. Notwithstanding how such injury may have arisen, it is the Hirer’s sole responsibility to ensure that the hired equipment is appropriate for the Hirer’s intended use. The Hirer hereby assumes and shall bear the entire risk of loss for theft, damage, destruction, or other injury to equipment from any and every cause whatsoever.
14. Should a Court of competent jurisdiction find that any term or condition of this agreement is found to be void or unenforceable by law, then the invalidity or unenforceability of the term or condition will not affect any other term of condition of the agreement.
15. All damages to equipment while in the possession of the Hirer must be reported immediately to Fridge4Hire [Peter Sinclair T/A(Sole Trader)].
16. This Contract is governed by and construed in accordance with the law of the State of New South Wales, Australia. 17. Before and On The Day of Hire: ------------------------------------------------ * Please pay your non refundable deposit promptly as during peak periods we may quote you but we are unable to reserve a fridge for you without a deposit. We will try and contact you to remind you but we rely on your prompt payment. * Your fridge will be cleaned, with safe anti-bactericidal cleansers, tested and pre-chilled^ (^whenever possible) prior to delivery. * You must SMS your site number once checking in so we know you have arrived and where to deliver the fridge. * Typical delivery times are arranged between 3:00pm and 9:00pm depending on your holiday locations check-in times. *If you are running late, don't worry, just let us know so we can delay your delivery to suit. *On the day of delivery, please allow a 90 minute tolerance as we may be delayed. *Please ensure you have a suitable area in the holiday home or undercover location ready on your site prepared by you, prior to your rental fridge scheduled delivery date and time. *Please ensure that there is a clear path to this location. *Full payment required on delivery. Please have the total rental fee ready on the day and as close as possible to the final amount. *If you would like your fridge prepacked with one of our hampers please contact us for more information, two weeks prior your intended stay. 18. During Your Hire Period: -------------------------------------- *If there is a problem with your fridge, please contact us as soon as possible; details below. *If your fridge is outdoors and it starts to rain we advise you to safely turn off the fridge immediately by disconnecting it from the electricity supply. Do not open the fridge whilst power is off as you will lose the cold air. Do not forget to turn it back on after the rain has stopped and water has subsided. *If you need to postpone or advance your rental period, please contact us as soon as possible.

19. On Your Last Day of Hire: ---------------------------------------- *Collection of your hired fridge will be between 8:00am and 11:00am. *Please ensure the fridge is powered off, empty and left in the same condition that it arrived in, i.e. in a clean and in an operational state. Thank you. *If there is a fault or parts broken, please inform us as repairs may be needed before the next client. *At the pick up time, allow a 90 minute tolerance as we may be delayed. *Please Indicate your next holiday stay period to book in advance. 20. Refunds, Damage/Lost Fridges or Other Items: -------------------------------------------------
*A non refundable deposit of $50 is required to confirm your reservation.
*If an earlier return of a fridge is required and a refund requested, the refund amount will be rounded up to the nearest full weeks hire e.g. if initially hired for two weeks and your plans changed and only hire for one week, then one full week will be refunded.
However, for example, if you initially hired for two weeks and your plans changed and hire for one week and three days, then this period is rounded up to two weeks and no refund is applicable.
*There are no refunds if you decide to leave earlier than seven (7) days than your booked departure date, for example, if you leave one or two days earlier (up to 7 days) - there will be no refund applicable.
*A minimum of $150 for repair fees will be applicable to any type of damage to the hired items. This will be capped at $300. If a hired item is lost, a replacement fee of $350 is applicable.

------------------ Fridge4Hire [Peter Sinclair T/A(Sole Trader)] is not liable for any loss, damage, injury, actions or claims arising either directly or indirectly from any representations, warranties, terms or conditions expressed or implied for the use, maintenance, transport or operation of the hired equipment or otherwise, whether resulting from the negligence of Fridge4Hire, Peter Sinclair, Donna Sinclair, Fridge4Hire employees, agents or otherwise to the Hirer or Hirer’s servants or agents.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you and enjoy your holiday! regards Peter & Donna Fridge4Hire 0466673636 or 0414614909 www.fridge4hire.net.au info@fridge4hire.net.au fridge4hire@gmail.com
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