Tuesday Morning League

Tuesday Morning League Second Half 2018

LEAGUE CO-CHAIRS - ED GANNON (412) 731-6967 & JEFF LEDERER (412) 606-1691

Substitutes: Pat Goetz (412) 963-8891; Tony DeCarolis (412) 244-1184; Jim Gorton(from the end of August and all of Sept.) (412) 216-4972; Clair Floyd (412) 400-0725

Games are 14 ends in length and begin promptly at 10:00 a.m. Please arrive by 9:45 a.m. The $15.00 League Fee must be paid in order to participate in the leagues.

If no subs are available, teams may select a sub from a team receiving a forfeit, a bye, or from the above substitute list. If no subs are available, cutthroat game will be played. The team with two members will score all shots by both members that are closer to the jack than the closest single team member's bowl. The individual closest to the jack shall roll the jack on the next end. In a cutthroat game, only there is a limit of 20 points.



The following groups should arrive by 9:30 a.m. in order to set up the rinks. At the conclusion of play, each team should return the jacks, rink markers and mats to the cart. The rakes are returned to the storage cabinet.

DIRECTIONS FOR SET UP: When bowling North and South, the rink numbers start with number 1 at the WEST (park) end of the green. When bowling East and West, the rink numbers start with number 1 at the SOUTH (Clubhouse) end of the green.

Set up crews are free to trade dates or partners for convenience.



If the Greens Chairperson, Club President or League Chairperson declares the greens to be unplayable, the skips will be notified and they must inform their leads. Cancelled games will not be replayed.