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Recommended Reading

Recommended Reading

Arrowstorm, The World of the Archer in the Hundreds Year War, Wadge, 2009.

Constructing medieval furniture, plans and instruction with historical notes, Diehl, 1997.

Dress accessories 1150 – 1450, Museum of London, 1991.

John Hawkwood: An English Mercenary in Fourteenth-Century Italy, Caferro, 2006.

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Medieval Warfare Source Book Volume 1: Warfare in Western Christendom, Nicolle, 1995.

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The Condoterri (soldiers of fortune), Trease, 1971.

The Medieval Archer, Bradbury, 1985.

The Medieval Siege, Bradbury, 1992.

The Medieval Tailor’s Assistant, common garments 1100 – 1480, Thursfield, 2015.


Updated 13/11/2017