Welcome to the Free Church Plays Website

This web site contains play scripts written specifically for use for church Sunday worship services or special occasion holiday services. There are currently eight different play scripts stored here including all of the dialog, songs and actions necessary to perform them:

    1. "Saving Jesus" - a youth oriented Palm Sunday or Easter passion play featuring the song "Real Jesus" by downhere.

    2. A more traditional Passion Play written to fit into a standard worship service for Palm Sunday.

    3. "Get the Story Straight" - a short musical, comedy to be performed by children during the Christmas season. We also noticed another church in South Carolina performed it. 

    4. "Mission Accomplished" - another short musical comedy to be performed by children during the Christmas season.

    5. "Witnesses" - our latest Children's Christmas Musical, to be possibly performed this year (2011).

     6. "Jesus VBS" - Vacation Bible School program (2012)

     7. "A Change of Scenery" - Christmas play idea 2013, another more contemporary take on the standard Christmas Advent story. It was performed at Mt. Zion UMC on December 15, 2013. It was also performed at Faith UMC in Lisle, IL, on December 8, 2013 (a week before we performed it!)

     8. "For God So Loved The World" - Christmas play idea 2014. Another contemporary version of the standard Christmas story to be performed by a small group of youth and children.

The first play was never performed, but the Passion Play was performed March 16, 2008 (Palm Sunday) and the "Get the Story Straight" was performed Sunday, Dec 20, 2009, all at Mount Zion United Methodist Church in St. Louis County, Missouri. "Mission Accomplished" was performed Sunday Dec, 19, 2010 at the church.

The "Jesus VBS" program that we wrote up last year (2012) but never used last summer. It is not finished completely, but only needs a little customization to be ready to use at any church