Welcome to the 2021 Franklin County Trap League

The rules, schedule, officers and starting yardages have been updated.  Please note some changes for this year: 
There will be a Sub-Junior category.
For a new shooter to shoot for the team of their choice, they must shoot in 1 of the first 5 shoots. (see rules for further clarification)

NOTE:  To be eligible for trophies, except 50 straight and individual shoot trophies, a shooter must record at least 800 targets.  The lowest scores over the required 800 targets will be omitted when determining the averages for trophies.

NOTE:  For shooters to be eligible for a reduction for the following shooting year, a shooter must shoot a minimum of 500 targets.

Awards for 2021 will be:
3 boxes of shells or $20 for individual shoot winner
2 boxes of shells for 50 straight
High Overall - $100
High 16 yard - $75
High Handicap - $75
High Sr. Vet - $50
High Vet - $50
High Lady - $50
High Junior - $50
High Sub-Junior - $50
Team Champion - Plaque or picture

An open meeting for all shooters will be held at St. Thomas on January 6, 2022, at 6 p.m.

If you have any discrepancies, please contact
Cathy Parson at parsonfam@embarqmail.com  

Any questions or problems email scott@eslick.net