Lectures & Supervision

Current Lectures SS 2013

Date: Thursday, 14:00pm - 15:30pm
Semester: 4 SPB
Value: 3 ECTS

Lectures given in the past

Network Security (Netzwerksicherheit)
Date: Thursday, 15:45pm - 17:15pm
Semster: 4 CNB
Value: 6 ECTS

Informatics Workshop (Informatik Workshop)
Date: Wednesday, 7:45am - 9:15am, Thursday 3:45pm - 6:45pm
Semster: 1 AiB, CNB
Value: 6 ECTS

Supervised Bachelor-/ Master-Thesises

  • Design and Implementation of a Audit Security Policy Language for Cloud Computing Environments, Tina Karbe, 2012 (Bachelor Thesis)
  • Anomalie Detection in Cloud Environments, Alexander Passfall, 2011, (Master Thesis)
  • Audit of Cloud Images, Gerald Bischof, 2011, (Master Thesis)
  • Security Analysis of Cloud Environments, Mathias Ardelt, 2011 (Master Thesis)
  • Cloud Audit Tools, Tobias Lilie, 2011 (Bachelor Thesis)
  • Anwendbarkeit von BSI IT-Grundschutz Standards auf Cloud Computing, Dipl. Inform (FH) Marc Thomas, 2010 (Master Thesis)
  • Intrusion Detection System for Cloud environments, Michael Stegk, 2010 (Bachelor Thesis)
  • Private PKI in the Cloud, Patrick Seeburger, 2010 (Bachelor Thesis)
  • Rechtemanagement in der cloud - Design und Implementierung eines Benutzermanagements für Cloud Infrastructures and Applications (CloudIA, Thomas Rübesamen, 2010 (Bachelor Thesis)
  • Security Audit of a Cloud Environment, Patrick Straub, 2009-2010 (Bachelor Thesis)
  • Parallel Programming in the Cloud, Markus Held, 2009-2010 (Bachelor Thesis)

Supervised Semester Projects

  • Zunami - A Collaborative Software Development Environment driven by a Cloud (7 students), 2011
  • Cloud Audit Tool (4 students), 2010
  • Automatic Creation of Virtual Machines (9 students), 2009
  • Webportal for Cloud Computing (3 students), 2009