Welcome to my personal website!

My name is Frank Doelitzscher. I have been a PhD student at the Centre for Security, Communications and Network Research at Plymouth University (GB) and the Cloud Research Lab at University of Applied Sciences Furtwangen, Germany. My research interests are in the area of security and cloud computing. Please contact me if you are interested in our work! You can also find more information of our past and current projects on our cloud website.

Research & Publication

I am doing my PhD research in the field of security for Cloud Computing environments. Please see my Research page for further details. You will also find some conferences I organized there. A full publication list can be found under Publication.

Latest Publication
F.Doelitzscher, Ch. Reich and N.Clarke, "Anomaly Detection in IaaS Clouds" - 5th IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing Technology and Science (CloudCom2013), Bristol, Dec 02th-05th, 2013

F.Doelitzscher, T. Ruebsamen, T.Karbe, Ch. Reich and N. Clarke, "Sun Behind Clouds - On Automatic Cloud Security Audits and a Cloud Audit Policy Language" in International Journal On Advances in Networks and Services, v 6 n 1&2 2013

F. Doelitzscher, C. Fischer, D. Moskal, Ch. Reich, M. Knahl, and N. Clarke, Validating Cloud Infrastructure Changes by Cloud Audits, Proceedings of the 8th IEEE World Congress on Services (SERVICES2012), 24th - 29th June, Honolulu, Hawaii, DOI 10.1109/SERVICES.2012.12

F. Doelitzscher, Ch. Reich, M. Knahl and Nathan Clarke, Understanding Cloud Audits, Book Chapter: Privacy and Security for Cloud Computing, ISBN: 978-1-4471-4188-4, Springer, 2012


 Best paper award, HMD 2011, Sicherheitsprobleme für IT Outsourcing basierend auf Cloud Computing, March 2012
 Best paper award, IARIA EMERGING 2011, Incident detection for cloud environments, Nov. 2011
 2nd place in IEEE SERVICES CUP 2012, Validating cloud infrastructure changes by cloud audits, June 2012

Lectures & Education

I have been giving lectures at the Department of Computer Science at Furtwangen University. They are mainly in the area of Security and Networking. I also supervise Bachelor- & Master-Theses. For more details about former and current lectures see the Lectures page.

Lectures Summer Semester 2013
Who: SPB, 4th Semester
When: Thursday, 15:45pm
Where: Room B4.01

Supervising Semester Projects Summer Semester 2013
- Development of a portable live demo of the Security Audit as a Service architecture
- Development of a hacking labs infrastructure with the Teensy board

Supervising Theses Summer Semester 2013

- Security audit of the Security Audit as a Service cloud audit system - Christian Fischer (Bachelor Thesis)

A complete list of present and past supervised theses can be found on my Lectures page.

Hack2Improve 2013

I am organizing our 5th Furtwanger Hacking Event "Hack2Improve 2013".
Martin Knobloch (OWASP Head of Education Project) and Ralf Reinhard (Manager of SicSec) will perform a one day security workshop. Participants can test their skills in two hacking competitions.
See the website for more details!