Intro to GIS - Final Project
This was the final project I created for my students of "Intro to GIS".
The objective was to find the most suitable location for a landfill within a specific municipality in Puerto Rico.
 VBA - Dissimilarity Index

This was a VBA application I wrote to calculate the Dissimilarity Index within ArcGIS.
It was the final project for the course "GIS Customization & Programming".
Population in Puerto Rico, 2000

I made this Cartogram manually using grid paper and Adobe Illustrator.
I prefer the results of this method rather than the automated ones (e.g. Scape Toad, CartogramCreator).

Watersheds and Hydrographic Channels Network
Subwatersheds, Channel Networks, and a Topographic index were created  as part of the suitability analysis for a natural preserve in Puerto Rico.
US Presidential Results, 2000

Another cartogram I made using graph paper and Corel Draw. It was part of a graduate research project I made about the effectiveness of cartograms.
 Soil Erosion Model
The Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation (RUSLE) was applied to predict or estimate soil loss by erosion.
This was an important part of the suitability analysis done for a natural preserve in Puerto Rico.
Accident Death Rates in the US

This is one of a series of five (5) prism maps I created showing the top five leading causes of deaths in the US (in 2000).
 Suitability Analysis
Factors like soil, slope, topographic index, and landuse were overlaid and weighted to create this final suitability map for a natural preserve in Puerto Rico.
Cerebrovascular Death Rates

I use MapViewer from GoldenSoftware to create these prism maps, but they could also be done using ArcGIS 3D Analyst, Adobe Photoshop or even open source software (e.g. Thematic Mapping)
 DOQ Colorized in Photoshop

I used Tom Patterson's technique to create natural color images out of widely available grayscale USGS Digital Orthophoto Quadrangles (DOQ's).
I then draped a hillshade to make the image as natural looking as possible.
Relief and Slope

This was one of the graphics I created as part of a suitability analysis for a natural preserve in Puerto Rico.
In this case the topography of the area was studied and analyzed.
 Crop Supervised Classification
"Best Analytical Presentation" at the 2009 AGIC conference.
This poster shows the remote sensing techniques we use to gather crop acreage totals and crop types to estimate water usage by agriculture.

* Additional samples of my work: