Fabio Pieri

Associate Professor of Applied Economics, University of Trento

Recent updates:

  • "CEO age, shareholders' monitoring and organic growth among European firms", just accepted on Small Business Economics

  • "One swallow does not make a summer: Episodes and persistence in high-growth" , just accepted on Small Business Economics

About me

Present and past positions

    • Currently (January 2019 - present), I am an Associate Professor/Professore Associato at the University of Trento (Italy) - Department of Economics and Management, where I have been an Assistant Professor/Ricercatore TD from January 2016 to December 2018.

    • Before joining UNITN I was a Lecturer/Profesor Ayudante Doctor (September 2011-December 2015) at the University of Valencia (Spain) - Department of Applied Economics, and a Research Fellow (December 2008-August 2011) at the University of Perugia (Italy) - Department of Economics.


Research interests

    • Industrial Economics: industrial dynamics; determinants and effects of vertical integration

    • Innovation, productivity and growth:competition-innovation-productivity links; ICTs, R&D and economic growth

    • International Economics: FDIs and productivity growth

About my work

Editorial and referee activity

Research group at UNITN

    • Empirical Microeconomics Laboratory (EMiL)


Address (office): Department of Economics and Management, University of Trento; Via Inama 5, 38122 Trento, Italy

e-mail: fabio.pieri(at); skype: fabiopieri

phone (office): +39 0461282393