Four in One contains within it four published books written by Scott and Bonna Brooks. These four individual books work together in this Four in One book as a single unit with some concepts more fully explained in some of the books than in others.

Book 1: Twos and Threes

Book 2: Would you like to see an Amazing Miracle?

Book 3: Deeper Friendships

Book 4: At His Feet

Four in One is written from a relational view of the Christian life. As such, it is a wonderful book toward a more relational Christian life that is so helpful with friendships with Jesus and each other! IF you get it, read it numerous times, digest it, and know it well, THEN may Jesus use it in wonderful ways in your life to bring you into all that the book’s dedication states:

“We dedicate this Four in One book to you the reader and also to Jesus. May the Holy Spirit use this book to grow you all the more into a wonderful friendship with Jesus. And may that friendship positively affect all of your other friendships as well.”

All four books contained in Four in One give an explanation of the Gospel – with the greatest details being in Deeper Friendships (Book 3). Since the Gospel is so incredibly important, the Gospel is shared one additional time in the introduction of Four in One, but first by taking a look at how the Gospel is often shared from a judicial standpoint instead of from the better and fuller context found in the Bible that explains it from a relational standpoint – which makes so much more sense! Also included in the introduction is a 9-part diagram that you can use as an easy way for you to share the Gospel with others – but from a relational standpoint instead of the common judicial standpoint that so easily turns off others.

May Four in One become a major resource and valued treasure for you that Jesus uses in your life in wonderful ways!

So, if this is something you may be interested in, the paperback is available for $14.99 and the ebook is available for $4.99.

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