The William H. Johnson House

c. 1870

52 Welton Street

New Brunswick, NJ 08901


The house is named for William H. Johnson (born 1829), the original owner who lived here until his death, February 26, 1904. William H. Johnson was a prosperous New Brunswick businessman who owned a wallpaper hanging and house painting company, with business addresses on Church Street and Morris Street in New Brunswick. He and his wife Sarah resided here with their daughter Adilade.

The house is a wonderful example of Victorian craftsmanship, built by and for New Brunswick residents in the Italianate style, right after the Civil War when New Brunswick experienced a post-war economic boom. Architectural components including the tall narrow windows with arched tops, double bays, cornice brackets, and low pitched roofs exemplify the Italianate style. It is significant because of the high level of integrity of its original decorative components, including some wallpaper from the late 1800’s presumed to be hung by William H. Johnson himself.

The home was placed on the State of New Jersey Register of Historic Places in April 2006, and on the National Register of Historic Places in July 2006.

Download the file below to hear the 19th century doorbell of The William H. Johnson House.