The 2018 Registration Form can be downloaded from the bottom of the page (still need to update the info below).

Welcome to the 2018 Forest Hills Swim Team season! We welcome all returning swimmers and all new members to the team.  As in the past, our emphasis this season will be on FUN, EXERCISE, and COMMUNITY.  Whether you are new to the team or a seasoned veteran, please take a few moments to review this information so that you are well informed.

The Forest Hills Swim Team (FHST) is a volunteer-supported activity sponsored by the Borough of Forest Hills.  A Booster organization, coordinated by a Parent Board, handles day-to-day swim team activities and responsibilities.  The FHST is a member of the Eastern Swim Association (ESA) in which there are a total of 12 teams divided into two divisions: Division I and II. This year Forest Hills will be competing in Division I which comprises 6 teams. The ESA website ( provides information about the organization as a whole, including coaches, pool locations, and standings.


The FHST is open to all girls and boys who are Forest Hills residents. The kids do not have to be good swimmers to become members of the swim team; however, all beginning swimmers are expected to be able to swim at least one length of the pool by June 15, 2018 in order to continue to be on the team.  The ability of individual swimmers to complete this requirement will be assessed by the coaches.  All members of the swim team are asked to commit to the team by making a serious effort to attend all practices and meets.


The Borough of Forest Hills collects a $50 per swimmer fee payable upon registration.  The FHST collects a $50 activity fee per family also payable at registration.  (This latter fee helps to cover the costs of running the swim team, such as refreshments and parties, end of the season gifts, equipment purchases, meet fees, pool/lodge rentals, etc.).


All swimmers must complete a FHST registration form by June 15, 2018. (Swimmers who fail to register and pay fees by this date risk not being included in the 2018 Team Directory and other benefits of swim team membership, including the end-of-season gift.)

The FHST registration forms may be obtained on the FHST website. Forms and payment (check made payable to the “Forest Hills Swim Team”) should be mailed to: Paul Cherevka, 108 Cara Lin Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15221, by June 15, 2018. Swimmer registration and family activity fees must be paid in full by June 15, 2018 for a swimmer to be able to continue to attend practices or compete in any swim meets.


Other events for which payment may be necessary include costs for activities that will be offered to swim team members, such as Movie Day. Other optional expenses that may be incurred by families (although not necessarily required) include swim supplies, such as suits, goggles, and swim caps; individual and/or team pictures; and contributions towards fundraising events held throughout the season.


A meeting for ALL parents will be held on Tuesday, June 19 after our first HOME meet.  Members of the board will introduce the coaches and answer questions.    


All of the tasks and responsibilities of the swim team, including set-up, operation, and clean-up for all swim meets and parties, communication with teams, parents, swimmers, pool staff and the Borough, all social events and fundraisers cannot be successful without the participation of all of the swim team parents and families. Within the body of this letter is an Explanation of Volunteer jobs. Since it requires much work to make the swim team a successful and enjoyable experience for the kids, ALL families are encouraged to sign-up for at least one task. If you have any questions, feel free to ask any of the board members listed below.


The best way for swim team members to keep current with swim team updates, changes, or cancellations is to check the swim team’s HOTLINE: 412-351-7330 ext. 271. This is a touch-tone system. The coaches will leave important messages on the hotline.

The board primarily uses email to communicate important messages to all parents and swimmers. Please include your e-mail address where designated on the registration form. PLEASE remember to check your email regularly!

The FHST website is also an important communication tool. In addition to including all email messages sent to families, the site includes the meet schedule, information on the coaches, driving directions, photos, information on other ESA teams, and FHST pool records and team awards.

Each family will receive a FHST 2018 Directory.  The directory includes the calendar of events, directory of swim team families, and a complete list of directions for all away meets.  The directory includes the HOTLINE phone number, as well as each Board member’s phone numbers.


See Practice Schedule for details.

The coaches will be available to offer extra instruction or practice to swimmers on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 8:00-9:00 AM but they MUST be scheduled with a coach in advance!!!

Also the coaches will try to offer optional dry-land practice for teenagers once the season is underway.

The coaches would like to see ALL swimmers attend practices on the day of a meet. If a swimmer is not present at practice the day of a meet, the coaches will assume the swimmer is not available to swim that night unless otherwise advised.


The season includes both home and away meets.  This year there will be 8 dual meets (Forest Hills v. one other team) held throughout June and July. At all meets the home team warms up at 5:30 PM and the visiting team warms up at 6:00 PM. Meets begin promptly at 6:30 PM. The coaches will tell swimmers when they should arrive for each meet. 

The coaches shall determine the line-up (a list of which swimmers will swim which event) for each of the meets, as well as designate who shall swim for team points. Teams may also enter “alternate swimmers.”  Although the “alternates” are not swimming for points, this is an excellent opportunity for swimmers to gain experience. Forest Hills (and most other teams) have many ages 8 & under and 9-10 individual freestyle alternate heats as is necessary to allow every swimmer aged 10 & under to swim in each meet.

Each meet consists of 30 events. In most instances swimmers are grouped by gender and/or age.  The age group in which a swimmer participates is determined by his/her age as of June 1, 2018. Ten events are individual freestyle events representing each separate age and gender group (8 & under, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, 15-18). Two swimmers from each team will compete to earn either 5 points for first place, 3 points for second, or 1 point for third.

Twenty events are relay events (a relay consists of four swimmers each swimming a complete length of the pool). There is a freestyle relay for each gender in each of the age groups (8 & under, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14 and 15-18). A first place relay team earns 5 points, and a second place team earns 2 points. There are also mixed aged/gender specific specialty stroke relays for freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke, and butterfly and there are gender/age specific medley relays for those 12 & under and those 13-18.

ESA allows an individual to swim at any dual meet for points up to three times as long as all other swimmers in that specific age range have already swum for points at least twice. This rule assures that as many swimmers as possible from each age group will be able to compete for points. Alternates are not considered as competing for the purposes of this rule (ESA Rules and Regulations).

It is the swimmer’s responsibility to let coaches know whether he/she will or will not be available to swim at any of the meets. Line-ups are submitted to meet officials prior to the meet start.  No changes are permitted to the line-up once it has been submitted.  A missing swimmer will result in a scratched event (ESA Rules and Regulations).

PLEASE NOTE: No parents are to be on the pool deck during meets, except those parents who are working as meet officials. Parents are also not to be on the pool deck during daily practices. If you need to speak to the coaches, please do so after the practice or direct your questions to one of the board members.


Parents/swimmers are encouraged to carpool with each other since it can be difficult to park at the other teams’ pools. Directions for all the meets are in the swim team directory and on the website.  Please do not drop your child off at the Forest Hills pool and assume that he/she will have a ride.  Make arrangements beforehand. 


These meets are competitions between Forest Hills and several other teams.  There are five special meets this season. Coaches will advise on all.

Walt Brown Odd Age Meet: Saturday, June 23, 2018

Any swimmer who is 9, 11, 13, or 15 as of June 1, 2018 may compete at this event hosted by Haymaker. Swimmers will get a chance to compete individually in all four strokes, as well as in relays.  Swimmers must let coaches know their interest in this meet at the start of the swim season in order to confirm your entry.


Meadowink Relays: Saturday, July 7

This is a team meet hosted by the Meadowink Swim Club. All the events are relays.  Coaches will advise.


Mini-Meet: Saturday, July 21, 2018

The Mini-Meet is hosted by the Park Swim Club for swimmers age 8 and under.  In this meet swimmers compete against only those swimmers who are their same age and gender.  Swimmers will have a chance to compete in all four strokes, as well as in relays.  Eligibility is based on the child’s age as of the date of the meet.


Battle of the Borders: Tuesday, July 24, 2018

In the past few years we have invited Edgewood and Blackridge (and White Oak wants to join the fun too this year!) swim club to “battle” us again at this fun meet hosted by Forest Hills. The swimmers compete in traditional events with a few silly events thrown in, such as dog paddle, t-shirt swim, etc.


Championship Meet: Saturday, July 28, 2018

This is the final and largest meet of the season.  The Championship Meet for Division I will be held at the Forest Hills Pool on Saturday, July 28, 2018.  This meet includes all 6 ESA clubs from Division I.  The coaches choose the participants for this meet based upon performance during the regular swim season. Whether your child is swimming or not that day, we encourage everyone to come and cheer for the team and your friends. 



All of the officials at the meets are parent volunteers.  Each home and away meet requires from each team: one Stroke Judge, one Turn Judge, three Timers, and one Scorekeeper. The host team provides a Starter, Referee, and an Announcer. 

Parents who have not previously served as meet officials are urged to come to the “Officials Clinic” at Park Swim Club on Saturday, June 9, 2018 at 10:00 AM to receive training.  This free clinic will be conducted by a representative of the ESA and is open to all interested parents.  The clinic will explain the duties of the various meet officials.  Forest Hills parents are needed to serve in this capacity for away meets. 


In addition to the meet officials mentioned above, traditionally volunteers are also needed for lots of other help but since all of our meets are at other pools very few volunteers are needed for the dual meets. We will need to provide timers at the Championship meet.


We ask that each swimmer purchase a team suit which can be ordered online here:

We have tried to make this affordable and are trying this company for the first time. Each swimmer will be given a FHST swim cap.


Additional swimming instruction can be received through our own Forest Hills lifeguards, many of whom are veterans of the swim team themselves.  Arrangements can be made by contacting Lynn Cassidy, Forest Hills pool manager.


Our major fundraising activity is hosting Champs, but there are a few others, including the Dixie Dunker at Forest Hills Community Day on the Fourth of July and the 50/50 at home meets. Any others to be determined.


These are other activities/events which the Swim Team participates in, or sponsors:

Pizza Party:  The annual pizza party for the FHST swimmers and their families will be held at the Forest Hills Pool at the conclusion of our first HOME meet on Tuesday, June 19 from 6:00-8:00 PM. There is no charge for the party. We will have our parent meeting at this event too.


Picture Day: The FHST will take its annual group picture at the pool on Friday, June 22.  Please wear your team suit for the team picture. There is no practice on this day. Swimmers will also have the opportunity to have an individual picture taken starting at 10:00 AM.  The team picture will be taken promptly at 11:00 AM.  This will be the only “TEAM” picture taken!  A book has been compiled of all available pictures of the FHST from its inception in 1968 to the present.  Make it a point to be part of our swim team history!   


Movie Day:  The FHST will have Movie Day also on Friday, June 22 and will see TBD. Parents provide transportation and supervision as needed. 


Community Day:  The FHST contribution to Forest Hills’ Community Day is an important and increasingly popular part of our community’s Fourth of July Celebration.  Team members and parents are asked to participate in one of the following events planned for the Fourth of July Community Day held this year on Wednesday, July 4.


·        Annual Biathlon:  The WHHS swimming pool is the start of the biathlon.  Ten (10) volunteers are needed to act as timers and lane counters the morning of Community Day.  


·        Hole-in-One Contest:  This is a free event at Community Day.  A volunteer is needed to purchase the candy to be given to the Hole-in-One winners.  Additional volunteers are needed to staff the game from 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM on Community Day.  


·        Dixie Dunker:  Although the Borough sets up the dunk tank and swimmers line up for the opportunity to be the target of a water dunk, adult volunteers are needed to collect the money, to retrieve the thrown balls, and to reset the dunker seat after a splash-in.  The Dixie Dunker operates from Noon-3:00 PM on Community Day and usually requires three (3) volunteers per hour.  The money collected during this event goes to the swim team.  Only members of the FHST are allowed to participate!


Senior Recognition: The team plans to recognize any FHST high school seniors who graduated in 2018 (Date TBD).


Swim Team Banquet and Championship Party:  As the final event of the FHST season, the team banquet and party will be held at the pool lodge on Saturday, July 28, 2018 (the evening of the Championship meet).  At the banquet each team member will receive his/her team gift.  In addition, recipients of the three annual awards (Gabella, Clougherty and Foley) will be recognized.  We will also enjoy the team’s annual slide show.  Details will be announced later but we do need volunteers to help organize this special event for our swimmers.


Ed Galloway,
Mar 15, 2018, 6:17 PM