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Fore Our Schools Foundation
P.O. Box 6721
Moraga, CA  94570-6721
Fore Our Schools Foundation
Board of Directors 

Rick Browne, President 
To Be Named, Vice President 
Gabe Jay, Treasurer 
To Be Named, Secretary 

Representing the following Moraga Schools:

Rick Browne (Los Perales Elementary) 
Gabe Jay (Joaquin Moraga & Campolindo High School)
Matt McLeod (Los Perales Elementary)

Past Board Members
Patrick Artiaga (Retired) *
John Brennan 
Tim Burke (Retired)
Harry Crouch (Retired)
Matt Eglin (Retired)
Brent Floyd (Retired)
Jason Fritch (Retired)
Matt Hastings (Retired)
Mike Isola (Retired) *
Chris Midthun (Retired)
Dave Miller (Retired) *
Rick Schaffel (Retired) * 
Jim Schmidt (Retired) *
Ted Yuen (Retired)*

* Founding Committee Member