Interpretation of DNA profiling evidence

   We provide resources that are devoted to the development of open-source software and free-ware for forensic scientists who are interested in the interpretation of forensic evidence. We specialise in the analysis of complex DNA profiles that are low-template mixtures of two or more contributors.

We follow advice of the ISFG DNA Commission Recommendations on Mixture Analysis and the latest recommendations are found here

Forensim is an open-source  R package, maintained by Hinda Haned.

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Get the latest LRmix tutorial here

Familias is an freeware resource for genetic relationship testing, maintained by Daniel Kling

Euroforgen is a consortium of 12 EU labs supported by a five-year grant from the EU-FP7 (security). The consortium is a Network of Excellence (NoE) and its purpose is to promote the introduction of new interpretation methods into courts throughout Europe and beyond.

We regularly carry out training courses sponsored by the ISFG and Euroforgen.

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ISFG, Melbourne, Australia 2-3 September,2013: There are two concurrent courses - basic and advanced. My lectures for the basic course are here and lectures for the advanced course are here and datafiles are here.
The lectures are focussed on the two ISFG DNA commission reports on recommendations to interpret complex DNA profiles 

controversial case (Kercher) outlined in the Conti-Vecchiotti report.  The latest statistical tools now available in FORENSIM were used in the new analysis and you can see the presentation here that was given in Rome:


A new ISFG DNA Commission has reported and the paper is published (FSI Genetics). You can download this article now:

DNA commission of the International Society of Forensic Genetics: Recommendations on the evaluation of STR typing results that may include drop-out and/or drop-in using probabilistic methods P. Gill et al

Forensim NEWS  update:

LRmix is a module in forensim. This package is used to interpret complex DNA profiles and has now been adopted by many European labs.  See 'training course news'

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The first meeting was  held on February 2nd to agree the project plans. Next meeting on March 14th
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