FAQ & Tips

  • Tips

    • Swipe albumart to left and right to view active playlist and biography.
    • Press long for contextual action menus for any list items and headers.
    • You can also change playback order by pressing playback icon.
    • In order to send PC control command (sleep, hibernate and shutdown), use exit menu.
    • You can manually send WOL signal to the server by context menu (long press) in the server list.
    • If you see too many drives and folders in browser tab. change fb2k allowed paths settings like below.

  • What is 'JSON server error'?

foobarCon is using customized foo_httpcontrol for new features and stability issue and it will not work properly if you are using component version(0.97.12). Please update to the latest foo_httpcontrol. You can check component version in foobar2000/preferences/components and foobarCon settings/Information/Version.

  • How to change library tab query steps

Please note that as of 0.9.83 this can be customized in app settings(settings/library settings). please use below method if you need more complicated queries.
The default foo_httocontrol setting for query steps is Genre/Artist/Album. If you want to change  query steps shown in foobarCon library tab. modify Tools/HTTP Control/Media Library/Query steps in foobar2000 preferences.
    • Library query by Composer/Genre/Artist
      • step1 to %composer%
      • step2 to %genre%
      • step3 to %artist%.
    • Common available metadata
 Artist %artist% 
 Album %album% 
 Genre %genre% 
 Composer %composer%
    • If you are using multiple metadata values. use meta_sep function.
      • For genre metadata separated with ';' (pop;hip hop;ost), use $meta_sep(genre,';')
    • Please visit foobar2000 formatting reference if you are interested in further information.

  • How to change library query sorting order

Please note that as of 0.9.83 this can be customized app settings(settings/library settings). please use below method if you need more complicated order.
Library query result is sorted by the value in Tools/HTTP Control/Media Library/Result sort pattern of foobar2000 preferences. Modify the pattern using metadata separated by |.
    • Sort by Genre/Artist/Album/Track number
      • Change result sort pattern to %genre%|%artist%|%album%|%tracknumber%

  • How to limit the folder displayed in Browser tab

If you want to display the folders only you are interested in, enter the value in Tools/HTTP Control/File browser/Allowed paths of foobar2000 preferences. You can use folder names separated by |.
    • Browse only c:\musics folder and e:\ drive
      • Change Allowed paths to c:\musics|e:\

  • Notification and Widget Sync

    • Communication is done only when it is necessary to conserve battery life.
    • Please note that due to power consumption issue, if you control fb2k in your PC at the same time. Notification sync will not be immediate.

  • How to listen to streaming audio on devices through upnp renderer

      • This tip is from one of foobarCon users. Thanks Peter!!!
    • Install BubbleUPnP from the App store on your Android device and start
    • Install foo_out_upnp to your foobar2000 components folder and restart (see http://www.hydrogenaudio.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=98370)
    • Select BubbleUPnP as output device* (Preferences > Playback) in foobar2000
    • Start foobarCon in the usual way and enjoy (also gapless!) playback on your device or connected headphone!
    • Note that the free version of BubbleUPnP is crippled to 30 minutes per session

  • How to change default no cover albumart image

Copy the image you want and edit the below lines in config file in foo_httpcontrol_data\foobarCon\ folder. File name should be different from the current one since albumart is cached.

  • Albumart does not display

Edit the albumart2 line in config file in foo_httpcontrol_data\foobarCon\ folder. You can enable albumart (remove first ; chracter) if albumart filename is based on metadata.