Setup foobarCon

How to install foobarCon server

foobarCon is a foobar2000 remote controller app for Android. foobarCon needs foobar2000 components to be installed for proper operation.

1. Run setup

  • Download foobarCon component setup (0.97.28-fc), and run to setup necessary components and template automatically.

  • If you have installed foobar2000 in portable mode, you may need to specify the folder where foobar2000 is installed.

  • Check foo_httpcontrol component version in foobar2000/preferences/components if it is the latest. If version number is 0.97.12, remove foo_httpcontrol (right click and select remove) and run setup again.

  • Refer to this page and FAQ & Tips if foo_httpcontrol preference changes are needed.

2. Check server operation

  • Make sure that foobar2000 is running and foo_httpcontrol server is started.

  • Open your Android internet browser and enter http://server_ip:8888/foobarCon (e.g., and see if page displays "FoobarCon is installed successfully" and foobar2000 icon.

  • "server_ip" is the ip number of the PC foobar2000 is installed. the port number(8888 by default) should be the same as the one configured in foo_httpcontrol preferences.