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Income Tax Form Help

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For the 2016 tax year (for reporting income and taxes for Jan 1 - Dec 31, 2016), Portland State University's Office of International Student and Scholar Services (OISSS) has arranged for PSU international students and scholars to use an online tax form preparation service called Sprintax (


Those who need to complete tax forms will enter their data at and Sprintax will produce the forms necessary to file a Federal tax return and the IRS-required form 8843. All all international students and scholars must complete IRS form 8843. There is NO CHARGE for this service if you are using the information that will be provided to you by PSU's OISSS.


This year it will be still be necessary to download (PDF), print and mail the forms, but next year it should be possible to e-file these forms as well.


For those individuals who are required to file an Oregon State return, Sprintax will also generate an Oregon State return which can be downloaded for filing for $25.95. You are not require to use Sprintax to produce your Oregon form. You may complete the Oregon tax form manually or use other resources if you wish. See Oregon Department of Revenue for more information.


OISSS will be scheduling some sessions to which you may bring laptops and receive assistance from volunteers as you use the website.


More information will be coming soon from OISSS. Make sure you continue to check the email address to which the International Office sends you emails for more information.