FoC in El Salvador 2018

Welcome to our Story!

We would like to share with you what we experience while working with our friends in El Salvador. We will work, play, and worship with our Salvadoran brothers and sisters. We will learn about the culture, history, and faith journeys of people we go to share time with as we work together to grow our faith in the God that fills us with His grace.

We are the lucky ones to journey to El Salvador but we represent more than ourselves. We're here as part of a family, a church, a community, and a communion of believers. We represent all who have sent us on this journey and who pray for God's love to be lived, shared, multiplied, and burned in our hearts and the hearts of our Salvadorans brothers and sisters.

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Our Trip Map

This map below represents many of the places we visit while we are in El Salvador. You can zoom in or out to see more detail or more locations. Click on the pin and you can read a little about that site. You can also switch to the satellite view and see a little more of the landscape.