Flying Fatman Productions made its entrance into film making with the Gravity Chasers films. These films were made by myself and Richard Steel.Check out Rich and his business here

Gravity Chasers is an award winning film, it is short, sharp and punchy. The overall look is RAW, shot on a handycam with no budget, it simply asks the question WHY?  
The film went on to play in festivals all over the UK and as far away as Tasmania!!vity Chasers -


Gravity Chasers 2 - White men can jump.
Gravity Chasers 2 built upon the success of the first film, with improved cinematography and new set of jump locations. GC2 was screened at film festival through out the UK including Kendal, the third largest mountain film festival in the World !

Gravity Chasers - UK Tour

 Gravity Chasers 3. This film was more of a personal adventure, we wanted to see where the GC train could take us?So we went on tour around the UK and Ireland. Seven jumpers, seven days. Great fun and a very nice film.

Wanaka mountain film editing comp Finalist 2011
Below is my entry for the 2011 New Zealand Mountain Film Festival editing competition. Entitled "Bird Man", the edit  was selected as a finalist!!

Edinburgh Mountain Film Festival 2007
This years Edinburgh mountain film festival, had a selection of fine films as always for the eager festival goers, with all the submitted films evoking the art and ethos of adventure. One film stood out from the crowd, a low budget short film with an amateurish home movie feel, called Gravity Chasers about cliff and bridge jumping in the highlands of Scotland. This, the first film from Flying fat man productions ( Robb Wallace) and Reel Steel film ( Richard Steel ), captured the true spirit of adventure and mixed it effectively with the slightest hint of dry humour, a blend the crowd enjoyed from the opening. The eight minute adrenaline fuelled feast was however not short listed by the judges for the “best film “ category, none the less its high action and pushing pace won the hearts of the crowd to secure the there vote. This locally shot movie, amateurishly filmed on one handy cam with no budget to speak of shrugged off competition from some of the best adventure films makers in the world to win the peoples choice “go fast” award . 

The Force of Gravity Chasers Wins it Audience Vote; 24/10/2007 
This year’s Edinburgh Mountain Film Festival - which took place at the weekend - had, as always, a fine a selection of beautifully-shot films, rich in high production values. But one film stood out from the crowd: a low budget short film with an amateurish, home movie feel, about cliff and bridge jumping in the Scottish Highlands. And Gravity Chasers - made by Aberfeldy-based Robb Wallace and Richard Steel - emerged to win the audience vote. Wallace is an outdoor pursuits instructor, while Steel is a professional cameraman, but the movie was made with a hand-held camera and on next to money.Allmedia Scotland article

Cliff jumping film earns a festival prize for Robb ; Oct 31 2007
ROBB WALLACE has made a career out of jumping off cliffs. And the short film he made of his travels through the Highlands won him a top award at an Edinburgh film festival. The 26-year-old from Castlepark thinks nothing of jumping from a 20ft cliff. And he’s about to set off to South America to find a village where everyone speaks Welsh. “My flat mate is Welsh and he heard about a tiny place where it’s their first language, so we decided to go and see what cliffs were there. “It will be strange to hear Welsh accents in Columbia.” Rob’s film, Gravity Chasers, looks at the underground sport of bridge and cliff jumping in the Highlands. The climax of the short film is a group of them jumping 100ft from a bridge. The former Irvine Royal Academy pupil went on: “I work as an outdoor instructor in Aberfeldy, so this is my life. “I love it and was so surprised when I was short-listed for the award.”

Recognition from the biggest cliff jumping site on the web.
Dude, that video you made was fantastic. I would love to put it on my web site and give you , your own channel!! Check it out and let me know what you I have a few other sites there too, like worldwide cliff jumping!! If you guys ever put together a full length video, would gladly help you sell it..hit me back Joe Sellars
Hi Robb, It's Dan from Just wanted to drop you a quick email to say the film you posted on the site is fantastic. It really captures the same excitement we feel when we are jumping. It was great to see you all geared up as well, taking it seriously but still having loads of fun. Many thanks for sharing it with me and I have approved the post so others can see it too. Cheers, Dan .