Ensembles are a wonderful reward for all the time it takes to learn an instrument alone … a Flute Choir is an instrumental ensemble composed entirely of flutes with piccolo, soprano, alto and bass. Members are encouraged to develop the entire range of their instruments, switching parts from the low register to the high register, availing equal opportunities for each flutist.

The flute choir experience offers players a chance to create with others, to inspire and be inspired, and have fun in the process. The unique tonalities of the flute family resemble something between the viola and the human singing voice.

At Flutes by the Score, we encourage people to relate to one another in a positive, empathetic and creative manner, to share ideas, and develop confidence in rehearsing and performing. We believe that playing in an ensemble is an integral part of being an accomplished musician, and we offer this to people of all ages and levels of experience. Our repertoire is varied to suit the seasons and showcase the cultural diversity of all people. It is our aim to play music that is old or new, bold or serene; the delicacy of the flute is balanced nicely by the surprising richness of the total sound of the flute choir — dynamic, spirited, and beautiful.

Private flute lessons & theory begin Sept. 3rd

  • for beginner, intermediate and advanced students of all ages

Flute Choirs reconvene the second week in September

  • Silver Winds rehearses Tuesday afternoon from 1:30 to 3pm
  • Sweet Silver rehearses Thursday evening 7:30 to 9pm