Floer Homotopy Theory and Low-Dimensional Topology
August 5 - 7, 2019
University of Oregon
Eugene, Oregon

Overview: This conference will focus on applications of homotopy theory to Floer theory and categorification in dimensions 3 and 4.

Speakers and Invited Participants

Federico Cantero Morán
Irving Dai
Kristen Hendricks
(Michigan State)
Hokuto Konno
(U. Tokyo)
Tim Large

Jianfeng Lin

S. Michael Miller
Patrick Orson
(Boston College)
XiaoLin Danny Shi

Matthew Stoffregen
Linh Truong
 Zhouli Xu
 Melissa Zhang
(Boston College) 

Registration deadline April 7.

Organizers: Mohammed Abouzaid (Columbia), Andrew Blumberg (UT Austin), Mike Hill (UCLA), Tyler Lawson (Minnesota), Robert Lipshitz (Oregon), Ciprian Manolescu (UCLA), and Sucharit Sarkar (UCLA).
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