Dryden: An Essay on Dramatic Poesy

Dear students,

In this Flipped Learning task, you shall:

  1. watch six short videos (click to watch videos)

  2. read six reading resources (click to read or scroll down to download reading material)

  3. Write at least one question from each video in the comment in this Google Classroom. The code to join the Classroom is 5h65il.

and TAKE NOTES from it.

This NOTE-TAKING will help you in appearing in one small ONLINE TEST of 20 multiple choice questions


WRITE at least ONE IDEA / CONCEPT you liked from each of the short video lectures.

Write in the comment section under the blog.

Questions: Dryden's Essay — This link contains important questions from Dryden's Essay

Slide Dryden questions PM

Slide Dryden questions PM