About Us

My name is AJ and I have been in the medical field for Over 20 years, with most of my time spent in EMS. I am very humbled to own Flexible Classes on Demand.

I quickly realized classes were not geared for the night shift and they were not many options out there to choose from. I quickly realized their was a need for different class dates and times for medical providers. If I did this, we would do it so our students could actually enjoy class without the stress, understanding that most students learn better in stress free environments. This concept lead to the development of what is now known as Flexible Classes on Demand.

Our team recognize that some of our students face everyday scheduling difficulties, and sometimes people needed weekend or evening classes. Because of this, we offer a variety of class options, but are always willing to provide flexible classes on demand in order to meet your needs. Sometimes offices wanted us to come to them. So we made all this happen. It's all about our students and their comfort. All of our instructors are hand selected and trained to the AHA standards, and then further educated on ways to reach different students based upon their learning styles. They will put you at ease so you will enjoy the learning process. We will always keep our prices among the lowest, we know what it is like to live paycheck to paycheck.

Just because you get your card when you complete your classes with us, does not mean you're done with us. We offer refreshers for free when you take classes with us. You can come back during the next 2 years and practice for free. We want you to have code reviews and know how to save lives. We take great pride in our community projects. We recently trained 45 JROTC students for free certifying them in CPR, first aid and AED. We strongly believe in training our community.

We currently have 9 instructors, totaling 228 years of medical care and training experience. This averages to over 25 years of experience per instructor. Come see the difference our experience makes!