French-Japanese Projects "Zeta Functions of Several Variables and  Applications"

Japan-France Research Cooperative Program
supported by 
Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS)
Le Centre national de la recherche scientifique (CNRS)

The purpose of this projects

    The theory of zeta-functions of several variables, including their connections with one variable zeta-functions, has been developed very rapidly in recent years. France and Japan are two major countries in which such studies have been actively pursued. The aim of the present project is to arrange several occasions of communications among specialists in France and Japan, to strengthen mutual academic activitiesand to obtain new results and theories.

Members of the Projects


    This is a continuation of the former project "Studies on multiple zeta-functions with applications" supported by JSPS and CNRS. Related conferences are "French-Japanese Workshop on zeta functions: Methods of meromorphic continuations, study of zeros and special values 2006 (web page)", "Journées autour des series de Dirichlet 2007 (web page)" and "French-Japanese Winter School on Zeta and L-functions 2008 (web page)" (Conference Proceedings: G. Bhowmik, K. Matsumoto and H. Tsumura (eds.), Algebraic and Analytic Aspects of Zeta Functions and L-functions -- Lectures at the French-Japanese Winter School (Miura, 2008) --, MSJ Memoirs Vol.21, Mathematical Society of Japan, 2010).