Maple Packages

Download Maple packages that I have written:

Downhill Simplex Minimization (slink.mws)

A classic worksheet that should work with Maple V Release 5 or later.

Lexorder (lexorder.mws)

A Maple 7 classic worksheet that shows how to extend lexicographic ordering to include indexed symbols and use it with DEtools[DEplot].

Noughts and Crosses (OandX.maplet)

A program that plays the game of "noughts and crosses" (or "tic-tac-toe"), using a maplet interface if available. It works in Maple 8 and later, and in Maple 6 or 7 without maplet support. I have not tested it with the add-on maplet support that was available for Maple 7. This file may be opened directly by Windows with Maple 8 or later installed and should automatically start the Maplet Viewer. On all platforms, it may be read into either a Maple worksheet or command-line Maple. The extension may be changed from .maplet to .mpl. The program is implemented as a Maple text file; please read the comments at the top of the file. The file has CRLF line endings and so should be readable on all platforms; on platforms other than Windows please ignore (or remove) spurious CR or LF characters at the ends of lines.