Sagittarius: A Centaur

Welcome to Centaur

This website has taken over some of the content that was once served from Centaur at Queen Mary, University of London. Currently, this consists of GNU Emacs code, Maple code, details of my book Computing with Maple, some lecture notes that have not yet found a better home and a few research papers; see the links on the left. This is no longer a new web site, but nevertheless please bear with me while I tidy up any loose ends.

There is now a feedback page to use if you would like to contact me about this web site.

This web site is intended to complement my Queen Mary web site.

Francis Wright

Mini biography

I took A-levels in Maths, Physics and Chemistry, followed by a degree in Natural Sciences (Theoretical Physics) at the University of Cambridge and a PhD in Theoretical Physics at the University of Bristol. I joined the Department of Applied Mathematics at Queen Mary as a Lecturer in 1979. I’ve been a Reader in Mathematics since 1989 and Director of Undergraduate Studies in Mathematical Sciences since 2007. I retired on 1 October 2017. My main interests are various aspects of computing, in particular algebraic computing and web technology. If I have any spare time I like to watch Formula-1 and Wimbledon on television!

centaur n.

a creature in Greek mythology with the head, arms, and torso of a man and the body and legs of a horse.
[Middle English via Latin centaurus from Greek kentauros, of unknown origin: the Greek name for a Thessalonian tribe of expert horsemen]

Definition from the Concise Oxford Dictionary Ninth Edition; graphic from