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Master of Arts in Museum Science and Management @ FIX University

Master of Arts in Museum Science and Management

The Museum Science and Management Master’s Degree Program

at The University of Fernando Noveno

 provides both interdisciplinary coursework and hands-on experience

 designed to prepare future museum professionals in the areas of:

Museum Administration
Fiscal Management
collections care and research
museum education
educational programming
museum administration
Internships at regional or national cultural institutions
practical experience for students and specialization.

The staff of Campus Museums and the university faculty collaborate

to provide in-depth opportunities to specialize in the curation, care,

  and exhibition of art, archaeology, ethnology, and archives.

Museum Science and Managment and Graduate School staff will also

 mentor students in topics and issues related to professionalism

 and career development, such as:

helping students prepare resumes and cover letters;
joining professional organizations;
participating in appropriate regional or national meetings; and
becoming conversant in important contemporary issues related to museum work. 

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